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Monday, May 19, 2003  
Numbers of ocean fish, including the largest predators - because it's all linked in one great food-chain of doom - have dropped by 90%, mainly due to pollution and overfishing. The oceans are emptying. Soon the cold and silence of the deep blue and black will be the cold and silence of...death, quite simply. And there's more: bird extinctions now top 50 times the natural rate of loss, 128 species having disappeared in the last 500 years (103 of those since 1800!). A quarter of the world's mammal species are close to extinction. Meanwhile, we're booming: the world population is now over 6.2 billion, having doubled since 1950. Awesome figures that obliterate metaphysics, film theory, the death of rock, the nature of celebrity, your career concerns, good shoes...

Process that!

the decisive actions are now, massively, those of enormous and dense tectonic plates...colossal banks of humanity as powerful as oceans, deserts, or icecaps...
Michel Serres

11:21 PM

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