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Saturday, May 31, 2003  
Peru spirals into violence and bloodshed again, a perpetual cycle ever since the days of the Spanish Empire, despite the disgrace and removal of Alberto Fujimori and his shady, paranoid, brutal military regime and the decapitation of the terrorist movement Shining Path, its head Abimael Guzman apparently still pacing his prison yard cage in striped pyjamas. This is how useless things are: the same President that annulled the verdicts of 400 terrorism trials dating from Fujimori's reign (all decided by anonymous judges), who ordered the retrial of Guzman himself, is forced to declare a 30-day state of emergency and order soldiers to shoot students and teachers, which happened on Thursday in Pumo. The enlightened, neo-liberal, free market reforming Peruvian State, all new, and all old, not as bad as the last lot, but not what anyone hoped for...So: a bad mood rising again in Peru. The workers and the peasants are disenchanted, restless, brooding, and...organising?

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