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Friday, June 27, 2003  
Anyway, Tomb for 500, 000 Soldiers...

I haven't read it yet, but I did read Stephen Barber's introduction in which he says that only one translation of the book has ever been attempted before Romain Slocombe's current version, by Helen R. Lane. Which interested me because she was one of the translaters on the definitive - the only - english language version of Anti-Oedipus (University of Minnesota, 1983). Barber says:

Soon after [Tomb]'s original publication, the sole typescript of an English language version by...Helen Lane was destroyed by fire, either by accident or intentionally; even Guyotat himself is unsure of the exact circumstances of this notorious calamity, though Helen Lane (who suffered a profound spiritual crisis during her work on the book) had certainly viewed its action - which she saw as being situated in a post-apocalyptic timeframe - as disorientatingly unlike any other work she had approached.

Don't quite follow Barber's mangled syntax - although who am I to talk? - but I can see that Helen Lane is an interesting person to know. Another one for my fantasy dinner party list, if not my 10-pin bowling team, alongside Sean Flynn, Nancy Cunard, Kenneth Tynan, Ingrid Pitt, Mercedes de Acosta and, I don't know, Cecil Beaton or someone. (Exotic spectators fascinate me.) (Actually I don't have a fantasy dinner party list. I just made that up.)

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