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Thursday, June 26, 2003  
But Shining Path aren't the only Political Revolutionaries in Peru. Another group called the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement have stalked roughly the same terrain, but with less devastating results. Tupac Amaru base their ideology along Cuban lines, essentially Marxist, but cut with heavy doses of pragmatism and romanticism (or Che Guevarism). Shining Path consider them traitors to the revolutionary Marx-Maoist cause, a bunch of wimps and fadists trespassing on their own territory (drug rackets and peasants). Shining Path were once notorious for hacking their victims to death with machetes, cutting out the tongues of journalists, executing high-level assassinations and random bombings, but Tupac Amaru have always been happy to get by on extortian, armed robbery, kidnappings and swaggering around in fatigues with guns. When John Simpson met revolutionary fighters in the Andean jungle in the early 90s he was really pleased that they turned out to be Tupac Amaru, because it meant he didn't die. (This was before Guzman's arrest, before the 'defeat' and split of SP.)

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