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Sunday, June 29, 2003  
Ewan Thomas just ran a disasterous 400m at the Norwich Union International meeting in Glasgow. He breaks my heart, Ewan does, all that massive massive world-threatening potential he once had destroyed by injury and personal crisis. It must absolutely eat him up inside - he could have been a glorious, elegant presence on the world stage by now, other 400m runners would have respected and feared him, and yet he has to relearn his own event, accept times he could have beaten with little effort not so long ago, work his guts out to even qualify. You wish he'd just give up altogether, sometimes, because it's just too painful to watch.

Dwain Chambers, though, decimated the 100m, even leaving Mark Lewis-Francis, rising star of Uk/world sprinting, way behind. Chambers has got that nasty, hungry look of a man about to be eclipsed and hording all glory he can get before that happens. UK sprinting - how did it get so good? (Although, the 4 x 100 was a bit shit boys, better luck next time.)

Also, a lot of good looking female triple jumpers around at the moment, Ashia Hansen, Grace Upshaw, to name just two.

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