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Thursday, June 19, 2003  
I find this ubiquitous conflation of Deleuze and Guattari with 'cybertheory' to be quite bogus, actually (c.f. Blissblog today), and even just applying D/G as a complete text is a defeat (and a retreat) for everyone involved. Don't have the time or spare intelligence to go into this in detail right now - I am in work after all, and a bit lazy and preoccupied too - but I have a strong sense that A Thousand Plateaus does have a lot of relevance and use-value in helping to elucidate much of the world's cluttered, convoluted craziness. And one of the things about D/G and TP is that they were criticised for setting up these binary terms and concepts with implicit value judgements attached, but that happens more in the critic's readings than in TP itself. The book makes a point of highlighting mixtures, inbetween points etc. not one thing or the other, but one thing and another/the other...Maybe they do confuse the issues in some way, just by taking a detour from conventional articulation, but then again they can push you into mad clarity and stretch reading and insight somewhere else entirely, and I find them as lucid as a Hobsbawm or a Hitchens, but then perhaps I'm just nuts.

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