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Toward a radical middle

a time for fear
Tuesday, June 10, 2003  
In recent years, relations between the extreme, neo-Nazi right in Europe and Islamist and Arab terrorist groups which existed for a long time have become more intensive, especially in the field of business transactions. These shadowy deals, which on occasion also involved the Mafia, have seldom been reported in the media.
Walter Laqueur

Which is a louder echo of the bizarre nexus of political radicalism, nationalism and crime that sees FARC cutting deals with international drug cartels while simultaneously drafting in IRA men to give their guerilla kids advanced terror training. Journalists should be following this more closely, tracing the outlines, unravelling the connections, although I guess who the hell is going to? Bizarre underground connections based on convenient transactions of wealth and expertise that otherwise defy all ideological logic (wait, is there such a thing?) seem to be on the increase: the world of terrorism is tied ever closer by a basic Opposition to State Power and hegemony that becomes ever more diffuse, vague, and dilated so that far left groups admit (even boast) common cause with extreme Islamist organisations (which really infuriates Chris Hitchens) who also, at some moments, link up with the Far Right (which has historical precedent in the Muslim Brotherhood's attempts to offer active support to Axis forces in World War 2). This, meanwhile, is further compromised by the need to fund all activities which leads political groups into crime syndicates and by escalations of violence resulting from State counterinsurgency which leads to the inevitable brutalisation of these movements over time, the seemingly unavoidable infiltration of drug thugs and psychopaths attracted to terror shorn of ideology, which has happened to everyone from Shining Path to the Irish Paras to Algerian Islamists.

Rhizomatic roots spread far and wide...bind paradox on one flat plane, spiral off into black holes.

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