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Thursday, June 19, 2003  
No, really, I'd challenge Mark Fisher and Simon Reynolds to a D/G showdown but I've lost my thesaurus and there's a hot blonde having a fag on a spiral staircase three stories up in the air and making eyes at me, so it's somewhat distracting.

I will just say: desire, delerium, J.M.W Turner, Henry Miller, submarines, birdsong, etc. etc.

All D/G acolytes are useless too, particularly the campus academics fiddling with their new discovery, or extending their lifespan a little longer, selling a few more boring books and collecting another paycheck. Keep D/G away from campus life, museums, galleries, and journals, because it just drains the life out of them. And D/G are about life

not just bloody flows and cyberbollocks

but pragmatism and poetry

romantic impulse and geopolitical strategy

art and science

fissile material rather than smooth fusion

4:17 PM

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