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Monday, August 04, 2003  
AK Baby, Man Moving, Man Dropping

is the slogan on a yellow t-shirt currently being worn by a 12-year old Liberian rebel child, photographed for an i-D straight-up, 'Tribe War Issue', August 03.

First the drugs, then the bullets and then the battle. Jungle Fire battalion knew the routine and lounged on the abandoned market stalls, waiting for the marijuana and crack cocaine to kick in.
Rory Caroll, Guardian 04.08.03

In the war, everything was allowed. We were free.
Rebel fighter Jungle Lion quoted in Rolling Stone, August 03.

Politics, puppet regimes, neocolonialism...the US is inextricably tangled up in the fate of Liberia, but there's something else happening on the city streets directly tied to US precedents: the rituals, strategies and aesthetics of urban warfare. Liberian rebels don personas like LA gang members, indulge the same death-driven instincts and appetites, but live out post-social extremes.

Ammo straight from the executive mansion, lots of it.

Small Boy Militia members: General Death, Col. Bad Bad Thing, War Black, Bullet Bouncer ("Eating the heart protects you. You see, I'm stiill alive"), Lucifer, Dirty War.

(US dates to be announced.)

Kid loads his AK clip. Wild out: these boys love it. Trained in it, to it. They know nothing else. Each generation makes itself colder and more ruthless: desire to survive and surpass. Kill reflection, degrade instinct. Mass screwface, barren country.

7:18 PM

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