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Saturday, August 02, 2003  
In the Marais enchantment seeps up from the cobblestones, wraps around the wrought iron lampposts, suffuses the narrow alleys. You walk down a street, and a vendor conjures a bouquet of pink roses. Behind the stiff facade of a 17th-century building lies a garden drenched in the fragrance of lilacs. Then there is the Places des Vosges - with nine nearly identical mansions on each of the four sides, except for the grander King's and Queen's Pavilions, which anchor the southern and northern sides. In the soft morning light, the brick blushes faint pink. Linden trees pruned into a perfect geometry border a garden, which stands as the centrepiece of the square. Lovers lie on the grass entangled in each other's arms.

Atmospheric article about the posh boho Marais district in Paris by Cathy Newman in the August National Geographic, with gorgeous photographs by William Albert Allard. You can see some of these here. Particularly beautiful shot of the Rue de Rivoli drenched in a midsummer sunshower, rain steaming off hot concrete. Also: articles about Brazilian jungle tribes, the Atacama desert in Chile and coastal wildlife in Alaska, all with sumptuous pictures too. Nice mag.

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