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Thursday, September 04, 2003  
Rising sea temperatures and altered climatic conditons slowly transform the wild fabric of this crumbling isle. Swallows and cuckoos arrive early and stay late. Red admiral, comma and peacock butteflies extend their ranges North. Little egrets breed. Olive and citrus trees are poised to replace oak and beech in Southern England. On the Norfolk coast a tourist reports a flamingo. Wallabies breed in Somerset, Kent, Bedford and the Lake District. The land is overrun with voles, the sea with jellyfish. Tropical fish replace cod and herring in warmer southern waters. Fishing fleets catch 3 metre sunfish in their nets off the South coast. Devonshire vineyards grow merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes. Rhubarb is virtually extinct. Gardeners report bumper banana crops. Hammerhead sharks arrive off the coast and a 12ft great white was seen eating its way through a shoal of fish off North Devon.

A teenager suffered horrific burns after being doused in petrol and set on fire for knocking over a freshly made Pot Noodle, a court heard yesterday.

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