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Friday, December 12, 2003  
This is, I assume, not just "punishment" for the Iraq stance, but a response to Russia's increasingly obvious Soviet leanings: a new willingness to invoke Soviet heroes and the industrial achievments of the Communist era, the opening of a hydroelectric dam in the East (an old Soviet project abandoned in '89, but reactivated in the late 90s), the markedly undemocratic electoral win for United Russia that exposed Putin's determined grip on power, the incarceration of Mikhael Khodorkovsky (Russia's richest man, critic of and potential political rival to Putin) on charges of fraud, and a certain institutional resistance to private enterprise and free markets within the Kremlin etc.

One of the main reasons Russia opposed America's war was because of some precious trade agreements struck with Ba'ath Iraq. Russia is, ostensibly, an American ally in the War on Terror, but also, potentially, an enemy: Russia was one of the designated targets in the '01 Nuclear Posture Review presented by Rumsfeld, and that was simply because of the size of its nuclear arsenal.

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