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Wednesday, January 28, 2004  
A Sri Lankan Air Force Commodore just came into the shop with a long list of books he wanted all about military ballistics and industrial chemistry. He told me where he was from, and added, "we always beat you at cricket." I should have said "I'm not surprised, Wales are shit at cricket," but my actual reply was: "yes, ho ho, but not at WAR." Dumb! Like, I might as well have added "you were under us for a while, weren't you?" or "Ah yes, Ceylon!" He was a thick-faced lump, though; it didn't seem to penetrate. All of the books he wanted were out of date, and mostly out of print. Apart from, ah, Gaseous Detonations and, um, Battlefield Ballistics. Watch out Tamils!

It's really snowing now, there's thunder, and the church bell across the road is ringing like mad.

5:35 PM

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