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Thursday, February 19, 2004  
case 412a: judgement of comrade Craner, O

Oh shit. Now I'm in trouble.

Dear Mr Craner

It is my sad duty to inform you that your blog spot has been read and analysed by the Party committee and has been found to have the following serious doctrinal errors:

1) Extreme Right Deviation for supporting American Imperialism.

2) Extreme Left Deviation concerning belief in possibilities for grass roots democratic reform under said pigs authority.

3) Insubordination for being nasty about the lovely Des Tutu (The man's one rung under Mandela in the sainthood stakes Man! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!)

4) Other things that we've forgotten.

As undersecretary I must inform you that you are to stop writing from this point on and must draft a fulsome and abject self criticism to be submitted as soon as possible or we're sending some people round.

As your friend I know that pride and mistaken conviction will cause you to refuse to recant. Thus our comradeship, like Hitchens and Amis, shall now degrade to silence save for the occasional sniping in print.

Yours (you neo-con turncoat)

G Watkins

10:30 PM

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